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Share - don't steal

Postby WFF-Admin » Fri May 10, 2013 11:41 pm

Earlier this year a certain WFF-member, who shall remain nameless, was banned from the forum. The individual had repeatedly been "stealing" images and used them for the individuals own blog. Prior to the banning, the individual hadn't been posting anything on WFF for seven months.

Although we obviously have no copyrights over the images - after all, we found them ourselves somewhere - a lot of work went into finding, saving and uploading them for your viewing pleasure. So it's not really polite to snag these pics for your personal watch fetish site, especially if you don't give anything back.
I won't claim that there's not a single image on WFF which was found on other watch fetish sites, but they are few. That's one of the reasons why WFF is special - we don't simply steal what others have been posting on other watch fetish-related sites.

Obviously, any individual can claim they didn't "steal" them from us, but are simply posting the same pics we do by sheer coincidence, however there comes a time when it becomes too obvious to be coincidental. But more importantly, it's the principal of the thing. We wouldn't join your site just for the purpose of reposting your stuff here.

So let me say this once and for all: You don't get to be a member here if all you do is take, but don't give anything back. You just don't.

If you wanna run your own watch fetish site, fine. But find your own damn pics!

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