The Registration Process - what to do

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The Registration Process - what to do

Postby WFF-Admin » Wed Nov 14, 2012 8:27 pm

Do you have trouble understanding our security question?

"At the top of this page there are pictures of four different watches. Name at least one of them by model, NOT brand. Any answer is simply one word. HINT: One valid answer begins with "T", another with "S", another with "D", another with "R".

If you don't understand exactly what you're supposed to do, let us explain further:

At the very top of this website, in the blue area that also has the site's name and slogan, there are four different pictures. Each one has a watch in them. If you are the type of watch fetishist that would feel at home here on WFF, you should know at least a few of them by brand and model, if not all. In the box on the registration page, type the MODEL name of at least one of these watches. NOT the brand name, but the MODEL name. You don't need to know the EXACT model name (i.e. their type number or variant name, for example), simply the model name they are usually known by. You only need to type in ONE word.

This is just an example: if there was a picture of an Omega Seamaster watch among them (there isn't), you would be typing in the word Seamaster. And if there was a picture of a Casio G-Shock (again, there isn't), you would be typing in the word G-Shock.

There are two obvious reasons why we have chosen this registration method: 1) to prevent spambots from registering on the site (and it works extremely well, by the way!), and 2) to be sure that everyone on the forum has a decent taste and knowledge in watches. If you can't name a single one of these watches by model, this forum is probably not the right place for you. Don't worry though, there are other watch fetish forums on the web where you will fell more at home, we are sure.

If you honestly believe that this forum is in fact exactly the right place for you to share your pictures and join in on the discussions, but still can't seem to "crack the code" so to speak, there's one last hope: send an email to the admin with your REAL name and - in no less than 50 words, preferably more - explain why you really want to join, and what you feel you can add to the forum. Be sure to include info such as your age, where you are from and what your favorite watch is. Note: THIS IS NO GUARENTEE FOR MEMBERSHIP! Based on your email the Admin will grant you a membership, or he will not. If we haven't returned your email in three days, you have not been approved.

To send a request for help with registration, email "admin" at ""

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