Passive members - future measures

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Passive members - future measures

Postby WFF-Admin » Wed Jul 04, 2012 11:32 pm

There's a reccuring phenomenon with new registrations. New members go through the entire registration process, get approved... and then never return to the forum :roll:

Let me say again: there is NOTHING to gain from registering on the forum, no hidden features or the like, if you do not participate as an active member! Only active members, ie. members who actually participate by posting/commenting, have benefits. To be clear: if you don't plan on being an active member... you don't need to register!

So, from here on forward every new registrant who does not login within 30 days from date of registration will be automatically deleted. Not banned from the forum, you're still able to visit as a guest, but your profile will be terminated.

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