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Do you have a... thing for watches??
Is it impossible for you to pass a watch shop without having to stop and check out their selection??
Is the watch usually the first thing you check, when you spot a pretty girl??
Ever had a crush on someone, because they wore a cool watch??
Do you really wish your partner would wear a specific type of watch??
Do you find a particular style of watch, or the way it is worn... arousing??

Well, then... welcome home, my friend!

The Watch Fetish Forum, or "WFF" in daily terms, is a community for people exactly like yourself. You may have thought you were a "weirdo", or maybe the only person in the world with these thoughts. Do know, you are neither. You simply have, what is commonly known as, a "fetish".

Fetish: "A need or desire for an object, body part, or activity for sexual excitement." (The Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

Sexual Fetish: "A sexual fetish may be regarded as an enhancing element to a romantic/sexual relationship "achieved in ordinary ways (e.g. having the partner wear a particular garment)" or as a mental disorder/disorder of sexual preference if it causes significant psychosocial distress for the person or has detrimental effects on important areas of their life." (Wikipedia)

Virtually all sexually active human beings has a fetish of some sort, men in particular. Pretty lingerie is one of the most common fetishes; innocent perhaps, but a fetish nonetheless. A thing for high heel shoes is also a very common, but slightly more "naughty" fetish. Sexy outfits, like leather, PVC and latex, is also a quite common, but definitely more "taboo" fetish.

Among the more uncommon fetishes is the one we all share on this forum: a fetish for watches. For some, it's the watch itself. It can be the shape, the size, the material, the colour, the style, even the brand or the price. For others, it's the way the watch is worn: loose on the wrist, on the inside of the wrist, on the right arm instead of the left or wearing more than one watch; either one on each arm or several watches on the same arm. But for most watch fetishists, it's the combination of the girl or woman, and the watch she is wearing.

Because, the watch matters! It just... does!

But, that doesn't mean this forum is all about girls. Sure, it's nice to see both in a picture, but on WFF we talk about our fetish for watches, as well as the beautiful women wearing them - in that order. Not the other way around. That said, the forum is focused on women wearing watches, not men wearing women's watches! We acknowledge the fact that it's a fetish, but it's not really what this forum is about.

Some of us are lucky enough to have partners who knows about our fetish and don't mind. Some of us are not that lucky, either because we simply don't have girlfriends, or because for some reason we can't or won't share this fetish with our partner. Regardless, on this forum it's all about sharing, because we all share the same fetish, and we all understand how everyone feels. We share our stories, we discuss various types of watches, the people who wear them, and of course... we share pictures. LOTS of pictures!!!

However, there are things we don't share here on WFF, and that is pictures of pornographic nature. "Fetish" and "sex/porn" doesn't necessarily have to go together. For some people, a fetish may be an entirely sexual thing, but it doesn't have to be for others. So we are sorry, but you will NOT see porn stars wearing a cool watch while they masturbate, and you won't see girls wearing watches giving handjobs!
If this is your thing, there are other sites.

Be rest assured though, you'll find plenty of pictures of beautiful girls and women here on WFF, but of a more... tasteful nature.

Once again, welcome to The Watch Fetish Forum.
Welcome "home".

- WFF-Admin


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