Forum guidelines. READ BEFORE YOU POST!

The forum for movie stars, TV-personalities, athletes, music artists, royals, models and otherwise publicly known people.
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Forum guidelines. READ BEFORE YOU POST!

Postby WFF-Admin » Tue Dec 13, 2011 11:59 pm

This forum is intended for discussions and pictures regarding celebrities or "public figures", although of course, the definition of "public figure" can be argued.

WFF's definitions of celebrities are as follows: actors & actresses, TV-personalities (news anchors, reporters, show hosts, reality show participants), sports stars, music artists, royals, politicians, models (fashion, NOT pornmodels!), socialites (i.e. jet-setters) or simply people who are "famous for being famous"! Even relatives of celebrities are regarded a celebrity.

For example, if you want to post pics of Jennifer Aniston wearing a watch - this is the place. If you want to post pics of some unknown person or a random blogger - this is NOT the place!

With today's technology of course, getting to be publicly known is easier than ever. As an example, a blogger can be a publicly known person. The rule of thumb is: are they known for other things besides blogging, for instance, are they often seen in magazines or on TV, or otherwise well-known to the public? Then bloggers are allowed as topics here. We call them "Super Bloggers".

Just remember: all other bloggers go... elsewhere! ;)

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