Old news for square / oblong tank fans ?

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Old news for square / oblong tank fans ?

Postby Seiko7A38 » Thu Jan 05, 2017 4:56 pm

I assume you guys have already seen this article (it dates back to June 2012).

http://www.newyorkgirlstyle.com/2012/06 ... rs-trends/

Cartier Redesigns Classic Tank Watch to Fit This Years Trends


Cartier watches are timeless pieces that were created ninety-five years ago. Louis Cartier created them after being inspired by an over view of a square cockpit of a tank. Ever since the release date there have been about twenty different variations made in order to keep this classic piece updated.
For this year, Cartier has decided to launch the Tank Anglise design that is chic but yet combines the vast history of the watch into one piece. Celebrities have flocked to this classic design ever since Louis created and released it over ninety years ago. The impeccable simple look and with powerful details have attracted everyone from Jackie Kennedy to Angelina Jolie. With such a high number of A-list people loving this design, you know that this has been a must have item for the past one hundred years. Cartier watches do a great job staying true to their classic design but adding chic details to keep it in trend.

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Re: Old news for square / oblong tank fans ?

Postby JayKay » Thu Jan 05, 2017 5:04 pm

I may have read it, but that's not important - the important thing is you cared enough to bother sharing it, so thanks!! :thumbup:

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