Amy Lynn Baxter

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Amy Lynn Baxter

Postby SantosForever » Thu Aug 13, 2015 2:56 pm

Amy Lynn Baxter was a Penthouse "pet" of the month June 1990.
She had a shine career in the early '90s, also as actress in short soft-core videos produced by Penthouse ("soft-core videos" means female and male integral nude, but penis is never seen and there are no explicit penetration or ejaculation sex scenes).
By these videos, Amy Lynn seems to be a wristwatch addicted and feticist: she never take off wristwatch from his right wrist, also when she unwears all his dresses but not the wristwatch; it seems she has additional pleasure staying naked but wearing his wristwatch.
And she swaps three different models on his right wrist: Cartier Panthere, Rolex Lady Datejust with jubille bracelet, Breitling (but I cannot check the model).

In a word: stunning!!!

I voluntary not added pictures because the quality is poor; I suggest to google videos...

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